…Or how I learnt to start fretting about my entertainment backlog

Odd ideas frequently come into my brain, as they no doubt do for most, and today I decided to enumerate  my entertainment backlog. And then estimate how long it’s going to take me to get through it. And then candidly share this deeply personal list with the world.


Stuff that needs to be finished/caught up with

  • Boardwalk Empire (S2-S5) (~50 hours)
  • Dr Who (Time of the Doctor onwards) (~5 hours)
  • Gossip Girl (Final 6 eps ~ 5 hours)
  • Pretty Little Liars (S3, S4, S5 ~ 40 hours)

Stuff that needs to be started

  • The Walking Dead (All of it – 50 hours)
  • The Wire (all of it – 50 hours)

Ongoing shows I’m up to date with that will impact at some point in the future

  • BB USA
  • Game Of Thrones
  • Vampire Diaries
  • The Originals
  • Big Bang Theory
  • True Detective
  • Homeland
  • Person of Interest
  • Curb your Enthusiasm (It’s still possible!)
  • The Bridge (S3 hopefully will arrive…)


I’m not even going to begin to list this, but suffice to say, there’s around 250 I have to watch on my PVR. That is ~400 hours

Computer Games

These are all games I currently own, I am not going to add anything new to the list. I promise. And I’m not going to list open ended games (sports etc) apart from one – Gran Turismo 5.


Midway through:

  • Deus Ex (Second playthrough, 15 years after 1st. At least 15 more hours)
  • Mass Effect 2 (completed, but have lair of shadow broker to do – 3 hours)
  • Half Life 2 Episode 1
  • Dishonored
  • Assassins Creed
  • The Witcher
  • Dragon Age
  • Crysis
  • Doom 3
  • Portal 2


  • Deus Ex Human Revolution
  • Mass Effect 3
  • XCom Enemy Unknown
  • Assassins Creed 2
  • The Witcher 2
  • Batman Arkham Asylum
  • Batman Arkham whatever the second one is
  • Bioshock
  • Bioshock 2
  • Bioshock Infinite
  • Oblivion
  • Skyrim


Midway through

  • Last of Us
  • Gran Turismo 5


  • Uncharted 1
  • Uncharted 2
  • Uncharted 3
  • GTA 5
  • Battlefield 3
  • COD MW2
  • COD MW3
  • COD Black Ops 2
  • COD World at War


Midway through

  • GTA San Andreas


  • Let’s not even go there


There are other games I have, but only one I feel like playing


  • Jet Set Radio

I’ve probably missed quite a few, but all things considered, I’m going to average it out at 25 hours per game. That is 1000 hours. I’m a completist, so I think there’s more there…ulp.

Anyway so that is 200 hours of TV to catch up on, 400 hours of films and by my estimate at least 1000 hours of games.

That is 1600 hours. If one devotes a maximum of 2 hours per day on backlog, that is 800 days worth. Call it 2 years.

Oh my.

August 25th – Zuiko lenses, PS3’s, Sky Sports F1 caveats and the mystery of Lovefilm by Post probs

  • The Olympus OM Zuiko 50mm f1.8 and this adapter works incredibly well with the Canon 6D. If you can deal with manual focusing, the results are brilliant. The AF confirm works brilliantly as well – I use back button focusing, so have a quick guess, if needed make a bit of an adjustment and usually it’s bang on. Plus the lens looks so ridiculous mounted to a modern camera, which to me is a huge bonus! I’ll probably do a post about this one of these days. I’m very tempted to get the F1.2 now…
  • Sky have changed their Sky Go package slightly, meaning that streaming to an Xbox 360 now requires Sky Go Extra. This is included as an opt-in for those with Sky multiroom. Quite why one has to opt-in rather than automatically have access is an unknown; I suspect from looking at the site that one might have to agree to a new 12 month contract. I’m not terribly happy with doing that considering the current cost of the full package (and that the card for the second room keeps deactivating), so I’m going to phone customer service with a view to perhaps canceling. It’s now reached 80 quid for 2 boxes, Sky world and the HD pack. With all the cheap streaming services now, I think that’s probably negotiable downwards.

NOTE: F1 is now part of the Sports pack only if one makes certain changes to the subscription, not the HD pack. This is v.important because if one was to drop Sports and add it again and not absolutely clarify that their F1 is coming as part of the legacy HD pack, you could lose Sky F1 HD. That would not be good! I shall proceed with caution in my negotiations.

  • The PS3 is a powerhouse and PS plus is a very good deal indeed. For those without a HTPC, or indeed a Smart TV,  they make a brilliant alternative for a dirt cheap price second hand now.
  • Amazon’s takeover of Lovefilm has worked quite well for me – just retaining the Lovefilm by post membership and ditching the streaming (have that covered with Sky, Virgin Media and Netflix, not to mention my Cineworld Unlimited membership). However, their interface and customer support is painfully inadequate at the moment. I might have snapped a disk – I don’t know if I did, but I’m willing to pay for it. Having indicated the problem on the site, I get back what appears to be an automated mail asking me if I’m happy to accept the £10 charge (I am, it was probably my fault). However, this is a no-reply message, with no link to where I can say I agree. There’s also no further option on the site. This leaves a quandry. I’ve returned the disk with a note, we’ll see what happens. Quite what someone who had lost a disk would do is unknown.

21st August

Shall we go through Tuesday’s list first? Why not eh? ….

  • Cup of tea – DONE. Numerous
  • Lunch (use up stuff in the fridge) – NOPE. I won’t even dignify where I went for lunch with a namecheck. Suffice to say, I was bad.
  • Check out what I have to compress – YEP. Plenty
  • Bring in clothes and put them away – YEP. Easy
  • Write to a mate – DONE. Compliments are quite easy really.
  • Look for anything to take home and dispose of for tomorrow’s trip to the tip – DONE. There’s nowt to ditch here.
  • Go to cinema and watch Guardians of Galaxy (4:30 showing) – DONE. And managed to restrain myself on a large salted popcorn. Guardians of the Galaxy, well – it was OK (quality film reviews available here clearly).
  • Go watch St Vincent at Junction – DONE. Interesting – The Junction is the same as it was 15 years ago – dingy, aurally unsatisfying, a static crowd uninterested in actually moving and yet still a great venue. St Vincent was brilliant too. My kinda woman.

Ok so Wednesday was basically sort parents place out day. Managed to:

  • Start sorting out garage at home
  • Start sorting out other garage
  • Ditched an estate full of stuff at Milton tip – old monitors, broken gadgets, generally rubbish.
  • Picked up a PS2 controller and memory card whilst there too.
  • Went shopping, got some good stuff.
  • Got home, watched BB, completed some more levels on Black Ops and went to bed.


  • Watched BB USA
  • Did a wash
  • Cleaned a door
  • Went for a motorbike ride
  • Lubricated motorbike chain
  • Made a decent lunch
  • Sorted out films
  • Sorted out spinning rust in big laptop
  • Chatted to mate
  • Played Black Ops
  • Found out about a game called ‘The last of Us’, which I’ll get.
  • Went to the park and read yesterday’s paper.


  • Watch BB Usa
  • Sort out stuff that’s in my old room at parents place so it’s clean for DSis/DBil/Dneph
  • Perhaps go shopping
  • Play black ops
  • Contact neglected contact
  • Do ccp thing

19th August – Midday. Erm…whoops

First let’s update Aug 12th list

  • Work – DONE
  • Inbetweeners 2 – DONE
  • Watch big brother USA – DONE
  • Contact at least one person I’ve neglected to contact – NOPE
  • Make a list of stuff to do seeing as I have 12 days off :-) – NOPE

OK, so excuses for not writing:

  • Was tired after work and cinema
  • Went round to folks place and did stuff Thursday, and got tired
  • Bought some tesco shares, which might get cheaper but the current price looks acceptable to me, even if there is a divi cut.
  • Spent all of Friday sorting out place/stuff for one day camping trip (ridiculous), then driving to Norwich and spending evening chatting rubbish about mindfulness :-)
  • Spent all of Saturday camping and looking round Norfolk coast. Cooked a lovely risotto.
  • Spent Sunday coming home, packing up camping stuff, watching MotoGP, sorting out stuff at parents place, went shopping, watched BB final.
  • Spent Monday round folks, went for a nice lunch, sorted out one old PC hardware wise, now upto point of choosing OS, also tidied up stuff for charity. Put calor cyclinder back in garage. Bought a cheap PS3.

So, what have I found different by not making the list?

There’s no commitment, so just the stuff I *had* to do got done, and anything else really fell by the wayside. A lot of distractions did take over, like fixing an old PC that really isn’t a priority task, buying that PS3 etc and watching silly telly.

Today so far I’ve

  • Done a wash and hung the clothes out
  • Tidied up the room superficially
  • thought about what to do.
  • Replied to a language swap on gumtree

So what’s there for the rest of the day?

  • Cup of tea
  • Lunch (use up stuff in the fridge)
  • Check out what I have to compress
  • Bring in clothes and put them away
  • Write to a mate
  • Look for anything to take home and dispose of for tomorrow’s trip to the tip
  • Go to cinema and watch Guardians of Galaxy (4:30 showing)
  • Go watch St Vincent at Junction

August 12th 2014

  • Work – DONE

Done. Motorbiked in, so fast in, fast out.

  • Write to Italian and Spanish Language swaps I saw on gumtree – NOT DONE

Clearly not that important at the mo.

  • Go to Body Balance – DONE

Left early because ankle still playing up, but made the effort.

  • Sort out astrophotos (ruthlessly) – DONE


  • Cook a proper dinner – DONE

Repeat of last night, but good.

  • Contact at least one person I’ve neglected to contact – DONE

Yep. decision made for me by Facebook popping up ‘It’s x’s birthday’, where X is a Canadian who I met for one night only in Florence three years ago, who I really liked. Also old workmate too, so two down.


  • Work
  • Inbetweeners 2
  • Watch big brother USA
  • Contact at least one person I’ve neglected to contact
  • Make a list of stuff to do seeing as I have 12 days off :-)

August 11th 2014

No messing about tonight. Knackered.

  • Go to work (obviously) – DONE.

And in a terrifically late fashion. I slept incredibly well after popping a load of supplements that Dad had bought me for my eyes. A little too well, and ended up having to do the parking space dance that I’ve only ever watched others endure as I was so late and compounded it by driving rather than motorbiking. Note to self. Drag yourself out of bed!

  • Do the returns processing for mobile kit – DONE

Nice and easy.

  • Write a spreadsheet for tracking mileage/petrol consumption on the car (what a life eh :-) ) – DONE

Well the spreadsheet field headers are done. Populating it is another task.

  • Finish off my digital music library reorg, and create 2 external backups – INCOMPLETE

Just the one backup done. Still 15.2 GB of non nicely tagged music as well.

  • Get stuff for lunch all week – DONE
  • See if I can book an orange wednesday online at Cineworld – DONE
  • Write to Italian and Spanish Language swaps I saw on gumtree – NOT DONE

Should do this tomorrow.

  • Make a proper dinner – DONE

Yeah not bad, and did a good kitchen clean.

  • Contact at least one person I’ve neglected to contact (this is going to be a running theme) – DONE

Yup, wrote to my photographer friend…and was light on the shameless flirting for once.

Anything else?

  • Resurrected one of the abandoned house tablets with a view to setting up a kitchen streaming service.
  • Added 24’s to lovefilm list.

Overall, pleased with the effort considering the ridiculous sleep. Tomorrow it’s gonna be:

  • Work
  • Write to Italian and Spanish Language swaps I saw on gumtree
  • Go to Body Balance
  • Sort out astrophotos (ruthlessly)
  • Cook a proper dinner
  • Contact at least one person I’ve neglected to contact

Taking stock – 10th August 2014

So, well, it was a sunday today so setting a lazy git like me some tasks was ambitious. How did I do?

  • Shopping – DONE.
    Tesco reduced items galore
  • Clean out fridge and beat myself up for anything wasted – DONE
    and suprisingly little wastage. Good.
  • Contact at least one person I’ve neglected to contact – DONE
    In fact found a message in Spam folder which shouldn’t have been there from a Japanese girl I met going to Prague and replied, so bonus.
  • Write to scriptwriting group about next meet – DONE
    With suitable excuses.
  • Go to gym – DONE
    25 mins. 50 hops on a skipping rope, a bit of weights and mainly stretching.
  • Post lovefilm blurays – DONE
  • Watch MotoGP -DONE.  Obviously.

What else did I manage?

  • Well I read a bit more of a quite interesting self help book. Yes, I’m ashamed and embarassed to be reading them, but hey, I’m feeling deeply introspective.
  • I helped our neighbour ‘fix’ her new car. Took it for an italian tuneup (car seems fine), used the OBD II tool to find the fault (got to love Torque on android) and advised of what might be wrong. We shall see.
  • Went round folks and cleared up some crap from the Sky+ box
  • Went for a quick sunset walk because I had forgotten to post the lovelfilm stuff. Nice sky.
  • Checked out my film SLR that I bought of eBay because it was attached to a 50mm lens I want to try out. Looks very tidy indeed. Need 5xL44 batteries, so a trip to poundland now scheduled.
  • Looked at provisional car insurance quotes. Renewal came in at 360, quick Comparethemarket shows I should be able to knock a ton off that easy.
  • I also watched most of the BSB Oulton Park race 2/3. Kiyonari is a beast at the mo on that BMW, and I’m very pleased for him. I’ve been a fan ever since some idiotic presenter on ITV many years ago kept asking him ‘What does is MEAN to you to win the British championship’ in a patronizing manner suggesting that a Japanese rider would find winning BSB meaningless, when I doubt they would have ever said that to, say, Troy Bayliss (another hero of mine obviously). Kiyo dealt with the interviewer with aplomb and has consistently proved that theory rubbish.

So not bad at all. All the (very simple) tasks done, plus more. Having it written down did help me to commit to doing them all, so that’s nice.

With that in mind then, let’s make another list.

  • Go to work (obviously)
  • Do the returns processing for mobile kit
  • Write a spreadsheet for tracking mileage/petrol consumption on the car (what a life eh :-) )
  • Finish off my digital music library reorg, and create 2 external backups
  • Get stuff for lunch all week
  • See if I can book an orange wednesday online at Cinework
  • Write to Italian and Spanish Language swaps I saw on gumtree
  • Make a proper dinner
  • Contact at least one person I’ve neglected to contact (this is going to be a running theme)

This might not sound like much, but for the arch procrastinator, it’s a decent old list. Again, let’s see if I can manage it having written it down. It’s certainly possible….

Making changes

So it’s exactly a year since my spontaneous registration of this site and my impetuous last post.

Erm….nowt has changed :-)

Yesterday, I set a task for myself. 100 days to sort my life out. So henceforth, let’s try and be a bit more organised and productive, and I’ll use this site to keep me in check seeing as it’s bought and paid for. And let’s start with an *incredibly* dull list of jobs. In one years time, August 10th 2015’s list will unquestionably be populated with tasks of pure unadulterated sauciness.

Tomorrow’s tasks

  • Shopping
  • Clean out fridge and beat myself up for anything wasted
  • Contact at least one person I’ve neglected to contact
  • Write to scriptwriting group about next meet
  • Go to gym
  • Post lovefilm blurays
  • Watch MotoGP

If I manage this, that will be a start. I have other tasks to do too, which are sitting in the forefront of my mind freezing me into inaction. They shall not win!

NC30 ( VFR 400R ) Resurrection – background

One day I got out of bed with a notion to do something. I’d been mulling it over in my little duvet cocoon, and had somehow come to the conclusion that my wonderful little NC30 had a few problems with its handling.

That was in 2006. I was in a weird headspace. So what does a man do, but stiffen up his rear spring.

This made the (non-existent) problem even worse, so what’s the next thing to try? Perhaps, back it off and soften it up? Sensible suggestion.

How about instead, I buy a brand new Kawasaki Z1000 so I can have a bizarrely irrational reference point?


Post doing this, it’s pretty clear that the handling problems that I’d found were between the ears. I’m just not that good.

4 months later, I decide that it’s time to stretch my legs, and decide to escape on a year long round the world holiday, at which point, both bikes are dumped in a garage. I can tell – you’re thinking this is one clued up individual, a man who uses methodical thinking to solve his problems.

You would, in general, be right. However, its now 7 years later, and the VFR has still not been fired up since then. The Z on the other hand, has had plenty of love, and indeed scrapes.

Time to do something about it.