19th August – Midday. Erm…whoops

First let’s update Aug 12th list

  • Work – DONE
  • Inbetweeners 2 – DONE
  • Watch big brother USA – DONE
  • Contact at least one person I’ve neglected to contact – NOPE
  • Make a list of stuff to do seeing as I have 12 days off :-) – NOPE

OK, so excuses for not writing:

  • Was tired after work and cinema
  • Went round to folks place and did stuff Thursday, and got tired
  • Bought some tesco shares, which might get cheaper but the current price looks acceptable to me, even if there is a divi cut.
  • Spent all of Friday sorting out place/stuff for one day camping trip (ridiculous), then driving to Norwich and spending evening chatting rubbish about mindfulness 🙂
  • Spent all of Saturday camping and looking round Norfolk coast. Cooked a lovely risotto.
  • Spent Sunday coming home, packing up camping stuff, watching MotoGP, sorting out stuff at parents place, went shopping, watched BB final.
  • Spent Monday round folks, went for a nice lunch, sorted out one old PC hardware wise, now upto point of choosing OS, also tidied up stuff for charity. Put calor cyclinder back in garage. Bought a cheap PS3.

So, what have I found different by not making the list?

There’s no commitment, so just the stuff I *had* to do got done, and anything else really fell by the wayside. A lot of distractions did take over, like fixing an old PC that really isn’t a priority task, buying that PS3 etc and watching silly telly.

Today so far I’ve

  • Done a wash and hung the clothes out
  • Tidied up the room superficially
  • thought about what to do.
  • Replied to a language swap on gumtree

So what’s there for the rest of the day?

  • Cup of tea
  • Lunch (use up stuff in the fridge)
  • Check out what I have to compress
  • Bring in clothes and put them away
  • Write to a mate
  • Look for anything to take home and dispose of for tomorrow’s trip to the tip
  • Go to cinema and watch Guardians of Galaxy (4:30 showing)
  • Go watch St Vincent at Junction

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