21st August

Shall we go through Tuesday’s list first? Why not eh? ….

  • Cup of tea – DONE. Numerous
  • Lunch (use up stuff in the fridge) – NOPE. I won’t even dignify where I went for lunch with a namecheck. Suffice to say, I was bad.
  • Check out what I have to compress – YEP. Plenty
  • Bring in clothes and put them away – YEP. Easy
  • Write to a mate – DONE. Compliments are quite easy really.
  • Look for anything to take home and dispose of for tomorrow’s trip to the tip – DONE. There’s nowt to ditch here.
  • Go to cinema and watch Guardians of Galaxy (4:30 showing) – DONE. And managed to restrain myself on a large salted popcorn. Guardians of the Galaxy, well – it was OK (quality film reviews available here clearly).
  • Go watch St Vincent at Junction – DONE. Interesting – The Junction is the same as it was 15 years ago – dingy, aurally unsatisfying, a static crowd uninterested in actually moving and yet still a great venue. St Vincent was brilliant too. My kinda woman.

Ok so Wednesday was basically sort parents place out day. Managed to:

  • Start sorting out garage at home
  • Start sorting out other garage
  • Ditched an estate full of stuff at Milton tip – old monitors, broken gadgets, generally rubbish.
  • Picked up a PS2 controller and memory card whilst there too.
  • Went shopping, got some good stuff.
  • Got home, watched BB, completed some more levels on Black Ops and went to bed.


  • Watched BB USA
  • Did a wash
  • Cleaned a door
  • Went for a motorbike ride
  • Lubricated motorbike chain
  • Made a decent lunch
  • Sorted out films
  • Sorted out spinning rust in big laptop
  • Chatted to mate
  • Played Black Ops
  • Found out about a game called ‘The last of Us’, which I’ll get.
  • Went to the park and read yesterday’s paper.


  • Watch BB Usa
  • Sort out stuff that’s in my old room at parents place so it’s clean for DSis/DBil/Dneph
  • Perhaps go shopping
  • Play black ops
  • Contact neglected contact
  • Do ccp thing

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