A voice for generational warfare then?


No and nor would I want to be. Generalising people based on their age is a hobby of mine which I greatly enjoy loudly pontificating about in public spaces in a provocative manner. Especially where the coffee and newspapers come free with a banana. You know where that is if you live in any well to do town. It’s that little slice of heaven beginning with ‘W’. I’m only allowed to do it because I’ve chatted up the staff and made them go all coy when I ask for a soy latte because I watch Pretty little liars and look like a swarthy, urbane beast of a man.

But if anyone actually takes battle cries to fight based on age seriously then it just plays into the hands of the Divide and Rule sociopaths that sadly we seem to end up spooling out from our esteemed ‘educational’ establishments and giving power to. No matter which side of the political spectrum they claim to be on. What I want is for people to start joining the dots.

Wonder why you don’t have grandchildren? Take a look at your final salary pension, and compare it to your kids salary.

Wonder why your salary is too low to afford the essentials? Take a look at the share buy backs, the dividends based on accounting tricks for earnings, the executive bonuses and those pensions again. Oh and the ‘welfare state’ – the creation nation wide stockholm syndrome to keep people voting red / blue / yellow/ purple / green whilst the bandits make off with the spoils.

Wonder why you can’t even afford a crack shack, let alone a house despite earning an absolute wedge compared to your fellow man (who’s even more exploited than you are)? Take a look at the debt pushers, the borrow to let landlords, that ‘nice’ man from the government with his ‘help to buy’ scheme and those swathes of public who signed up for interest only mortgages a decade ago under the ‘regulation’ (or rather deregulation) of that aforementioned man’s predecessor.

But don’t hate them. It’s a game. And always remember the problem isn’t the person from abroad washing your car for a pittance. They’re just trying to do the right thing for them.

So don’t play their game. Don’t allow financialisation to get it’s tentacles into you.  Don’t succumb to ‘easy monthly payments at low, low rates’. And if you do, don’t cry for a bailout when it goes tits up. It’s simply not cricket. It’s a market.

But *do* invest in the productive economy. Start a business. Invest in someone else’s business. Share your skills. Barter. Teach. Help. Just don’t be a parasite.

Formal education is dying. You don’t need the debt.

Take every piece of political discourse in the media with a pinch of salt. Do your own research.

Don’t let anyone tell you what to think. Especially me. Which is of course a paradox to ponder on.

Anyway, you’re here for the art right? Good.