Beyond Help?

Only because I like helping. Let me know if I can be of any use to you. Provided your task is interesting, then my rates are negotiable. I can do :

  • articles on pretty much any topic
  • script writing or editing
  • art commissions
  • photo shoots
  • film making
  • audio engineering
  • jingles
  • computer programming
  • web sites
  • testing
  • bespoke audio/visual/home cinema/computer builds and setup
  • push bike repair/maintenance/upgrades
  • basic motorcycle servicing.

And pretty much anything else too. I’m fine to be a life model again if required. I don’t disappoint (ladies or gentlemen).

Basically I’ll do anything if it’s new, challenging or tough. And if you want me to teach you how to DIY next time, then that’s even better

Oh and how could I forget. Flower arranging. Don’t forget the flower arranging.

I have not one, but two certificates in that.

But if no-one ever sees this page, I’m fine with that too. I’ve a large entertainment backlog to go through. Still need to finish Mad Man.