Making changes

So it’s exactly a year since my spontaneous registration of this site and my impetuous last post.

Erm….nowt has changed 🙂

Yesterday, I set a task for myself. 100 days to sort my life out. So henceforth, let’s try and be a bit more organised and productive, and I’ll use this site to keep me in check seeing as it’s bought and paid for. And let’s start with an *incredibly* dull list of jobs. In one years time, August 10th 2015’s list will unquestionably be populated with tasks of pure unadulterated sauciness.

Tomorrow’s tasks

  • Shopping
  • Clean out fridge and beat myself up for anything wasted
  • Contact at least one person I’ve neglected to contact
  • Write to scriptwriting group about next meet
  • Go to gym
  • Post lovefilm blurays
  • Watch MotoGP

If I manage this, that will be a start. I have other tasks to do too, which are sitting in the forefront of my mind freezing me into inaction. They shall not win!

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