Taking stock – 10th August 2014

So, well, it was a sunday today so setting a lazy git like me some tasks was ambitious. How did I do?

  • Shopping – DONE.
    Tesco reduced items galore
  • Clean out fridge and beat myself up for anything wasted – DONE
    and suprisingly little wastage. Good.
  • Contact at least one person I’ve neglected to contact – DONE
    In fact found a message in Spam folder which shouldn’t have been there from a Japanese girl I met going to Prague and replied, so bonus.
  • Write to scriptwriting group about next meet – DONE
    With suitable excuses.
  • Go to gym – DONE
    25 mins. 50 hops on a skipping rope, a bit of weights and mainly stretching.
  • Post lovefilm blurays – DONE
  • Watch MotoGP -DONE.  Obviously.

What else did I manage?

  • Well I read a bit more of a quite interesting self help book. Yes, I’m ashamed and embarassed to be reading them, but hey, I’m feeling deeply introspective.
  • I helped our neighbour ‘fix’ her new car. Took it for an italian tuneup (car seems fine), used the OBD II tool to find the fault (got to love Torque on android) and advised of what might be wrong. We shall see.
  • Went round folks and cleared up some crap from the Sky+ box
  • Went for a quick sunset walk because I had forgotten to post the lovelfilm stuff. Nice sky.
  • Checked out my film SLR that I bought of eBay because it was attached to a 50mm lens I want to try out. Looks very tidy indeed. Need 5xL44 batteries, so a trip to poundland now scheduled.
  • Looked at provisional car insurance quotes. Renewal came in at 360, quick Comparethemarket shows I should be able to knock a ton off that easy.
  • I also watched most of the BSB Oulton Park race 2/3. Kiyonari is a beast at the mo on that BMW, and I’m very pleased for him. I’ve been a fan ever since some idiotic presenter on ITV many years ago kept asking him ‘What does is MEAN to you to win the British championship’ in a patronizing manner suggesting that a Japanese rider would find winning BSB meaningless, when I doubt they would have ever said that to, say, Troy Bayliss (another hero of mine obviously). Kiyo dealt with the interviewer with aplomb and has consistently proved that theory rubbish.

So not bad at all. All the (very simple) tasks done, plus more. Having it written down did help me to commit to doing them all, so that’s nice.

With that in mind then, let’s make another list.

  • Go to work (obviously)
  • Do the returns processing for mobile kit
  • Write a spreadsheet for tracking mileage/petrol consumption on the car (what a life eh 🙂 )
  • Finish off my digital music library reorg, and create 2 external backups
  • Get stuff for lunch all week
  • See if I can book an orange wednesday online at Cinework
  • Write to Italian and Spanish Language swaps I saw on gumtree
  • Make a proper dinner
  • Contact at least one person I’ve neglected to contact (this is going to be a running theme)

This might not sound like much, but for the arch procrastinator, it’s a decent old list. Again, let’s see if I can manage it having written it down. It’s certainly possible….

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