Life is meant to be interesting. Are you looking forward to driverless cars so you can jump in after imbibing your vile double shot of espresso and then sit back, shaking with the now redundant caffeine high and not knowing what to do? So you vacantly stare out the window at the miles of straight depressing highway whilst the other drones also gormlessly thinking about last night’s Coronation street do the same on their way to their cubicals too until a pothole shakes you out of your quasi-meditation and reminds you that you didn’t program the washing robot.

Welcome to the future. By the way hope you studied automation and robotics because that cubicals occupado otherwise.

Anyway, where am I going with this? That world sounds dreadfully dull. Where’s the chaos?

My ideal week: I pick something I know nothing about. I hoover up yet another skill into a dark, meaningless blackhole. At the point of reasonable adeptness, they become wearisome, pointless and no longer relevant to me. Onto the next.

I’ll probably be able to help you with anything if you give me three days. Probably pro-bono. Up to and including rocket science and brain surgery. But there will be no specialization here.

It is shocking how easily bored I get.

The modern Da Vinci? My dear reader – you’re too kind.