August 25th – Zuiko lenses, PS3’s, Sky Sports F1 caveats and the mystery of Lovefilm by Post probs

  • The Olympus OM Zuiko 50mm f1.8 and this adapter works incredibly well with the Canon 6D. If you can deal with manual focusing, the results are brilliant. The AF confirm works brilliantly as well – I use back button focusing, so have a quick guess, if needed make a bit of an adjustment and usually it’s bang on. Plus the lens looks so ridiculous mounted to a modern camera, which to me is a huge bonus! I’ll probably do a post about this one of these days. I’m very tempted to get the F1.2 now…
  • Sky have changed their Sky Go package slightly, meaning that streaming to an Xbox 360 now requires Sky Go Extra. This is included as an opt-in for those with Sky multiroom. Quite why one has to opt-in rather than automatically have access is an unknown; I suspect from looking at the site that one might have to agree to a new 12 month contract. I’m not terribly happy with doing that considering the current cost of the full package (and that the card for the second room keeps deactivating), so I’m going to phone customer service with a view to perhaps canceling. It’s now reached 80 quid for 2 boxes, Sky world and the HD pack. With all the cheap streaming services now, I think that’s probably negotiable downwards.

NOTE: F1 is now part of the Sports pack only if one makes certain changes to the subscription, not the HD pack. This is v.important because if one was to drop Sports and add it again and not absolutely clarify that their F1 is coming as part of the legacy HD pack, you could lose Sky F1 HD. That would not be good! I shall proceed with caution in my negotiations.

  • The PS3 is a powerhouse and PS plus is a very good deal indeed. For those without a HTPC, or indeed a Smart TV,  they make a brilliant alternative for a dirt cheap price second hand now.
  • Amazon’s takeover of Lovefilm has worked quite well for me – just retaining the Lovefilm by post membership and ditching the streaming (have that covered with Sky, Virgin Media and Netflix, not to mention my Cineworld Unlimited membership). However, their interface and customer support is painfully inadequate at the moment. I might have snapped a disk – I don’t know if I did, but I’m willing to pay for it. Having indicated the problem on the site, I get back what appears to be an automated mail asking me if I’m happy to accept the £10 charge (I am, it was probably my fault). However, this is a no-reply message, with no link to where I can say I agree. There’s also no further option on the site. This leaves a quandry. I’ve returned the disk with a note, we’ll see what happens. Quite what someone who had lost a disk would do is unknown.

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