Hi – I’m an aspiring motorsport photographer who up until now has pretty much kept his images to himself! I never really thought that I could do much more with them until I entered a few contests and got one of my photos published in a magazine – which was pretty thrilling and enough of an incentive to strike me into action.

Since a very young age, motorsport has been one of my primary passions – I want to understand every aspect of the competition, both the physical and mental sides of racing and the people behind it, from the engineers to the drivers and riders. Combining that with a relatively new love of photography has been great.

All the images you see have been taken from fan areas – and I don’t think it’s particularly held me back, as you get a different atmosphere. Apart from the annoyance of fences, I believe you can still get some great photos.

I’m just obsessive about getting good pan images – I love the feeling of nailing a sharp subject, and blending in that sensation of speed you get from having a lovely blurred background.

I edit my images in Lightroom/Photoshop and Topaz Studio – and feel like I’ve got a pretty rapid workflow these days.

What I’d love is to get access to other areas too, where I really feel I could take my shots to the next level by capturing different perspectives. I really want to capture the essence of the mental side of the sport, from the pit lane and try and show what it must be like in the head of these sporting greats.

Hope you like the site!