NC30 ( VFR 400R ) Resurrection – background

One day I got out of bed with a notion to do something. I’d been mulling it over in my little duvet cocoon, and had somehow come to the conclusion that my wonderful little NC30 had a few problems with its handling.

That was in 2006. I was in a weird headspace. So what does a man do, but stiffen up his rear spring.

This made the (non-existent) problem even worse, so what’s the next thing to try? Perhaps, back it off and soften it up? Sensible suggestion.

How about instead, I buy a brand new Kawasaki Z1000 so I can have a bizarrely irrational reference point?


Post doing this, it’s pretty clear that the handling problems that I’d found were between the ears. I’m just not that good.

4 months later, I decide that it’s time to stretch my legs, and decide to escape on a year long round the world holiday, at which point, both bikes are dumped in a garage. I can tell – you’re thinking this is one clued up individual, a man who uses methodical thinking to solve his problems.

You would, in general, be right. However, its now 7 years later, and the VFR has still not been fired up since then. The Z on the other hand, has had plenty of love, and indeed scrapes.

Time to do something about it.

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